What We Do

Hope of South Texas, a children’s advocacy center, provides a safe, child-friendly environment where law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, medical and mental health professionals may share information and develop effective, coordinated strategies sensitive to the needs of each unique case and child. Through the multidisciplinary team approach, we are able to provide a coordinated effort to make the experience of the child survivor less traumatic as they journey on their path to healing.

We Focus On the Children

Hope of South Texas provides a child-focused setting, focused on cultural competency and diversity while providing:

Multidisciplinary Case Review and Case Tracking

Joint Investigation Coordination

Specialized Forensic Interviews

Family Advocacy and Victim Support

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Medical Evaluations

Volunteer Opportunity and Internships

We Connect With Agency Partners

We work with a variety of industry professionals to make sure that children receive the best services possible.  Contact us today.

Forensic Interviews

If you are a Child Protective Investigator, law enforcement representative, or with a prosecuting agency and are needing information or to set up a courtesy forensic interview, please contact:

Lead Forensic Interviewer
Michelle Rubio
[email protected]

Therapy Services

If you are an investigative partner or a children’s advocacy staff member and are interested in arranging Therapy services for your client, please contact:

Clinical Team Manager
Heather Clayton, LCSW
[email protected]


We Make an Impact

Hope of South Texas is dedicated to improving the lives of children victimized by abuse and neglect.  Our efforts create real results and we have the numbers to back that up.

Reports of Abuse or Neglect Reviewed

Sexual Assault Nurse Exams

These children all received examinations for either sexual assault or physical abuse.

Children Who Received Services

These children were able to sit with specially trained staff members in a safe place.  On occasion, some children spoke about their experiences.

Community Awareness Events

Child Medical Exams


Increase over 2018

Forensic Interviews Conducted


Increase Over 2018

Specialized Trauma Therapy Patients


Increase over 2018

Families Received Advocacy Services


Increase over 2018